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Our optometrist knows the importance of making sure your child has great vision. Schools in Bakersfield are visually demanding and to excel in class, children need to have great vision. Having your child come in for a pediatric eye exam is the best way to make sure that their vision will be properly maintained. Here’s what you can expect when you come in for your child’s first eye exam at Innovative Eye Care.


What to Expect at a Pediatric Eye Exam

There’s no need to be nervous about your child’s first eye exam. Everything starts when you walk in the door and sit down for some quick paperwork. Once you are done answering some basic questions, one of our doctors will meet with you and your child to discuss the exam and your child’s eye health.

After a quick and friendly exam, we will be able to determine if your child needs corrective lenses or not. If so, we will provide a prescription for glasses for your child. When you get your vision treated with us, you are getting the best service around.

The Importance of Eye Exams for Your Child

Children are at a very crucial age. A child is developing interests and a personality that will be with them for the rest of their life. Having great vision ensures that your child can fully grow without being hindered by poor eyesight.

Bad vision not only affects grades but also their social growth. We all know that children with undiagnosed vision problems can struggle in school, but what may surprise you is that this can also shape their social growth. Having great vision helps children be confident and gives them the best chance to succeed.

Our Services

Our vision center is here to take care of all of your eye healthcare needs. We can perform eye exams to test your vision and write prescriptions for glasses or contacts. Our clinic also handles Lasik treatments to help improve your vision without the need for glasses. We are proud to work with all age ranges. Get in touch with our practice today for more information about how we can help your vision.

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It’s time you scheduled your child’s pediatric eye exam. Call our optometrist at (661) 213-3310 to book your appointment with Innovative Eye Care of Bakersfield, CA today.

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  • "My husband and I love Innovative Eye Care . Dr. Cheree is wonderful and her staff are so kind. The young lady that helps with picking out the perfect glasses for your face type is so helpful."
    Rorra M.

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