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Anti-Blue Light Glasses: Fact and Fiction

Glasses that block blue light have become a common accessory among people who work at a computer all day and struggle with eye strain. However, the growing popularity of anti-blue light glasses means that some fiction has been passed around with the facts of this technology. At Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA, we want you to have the correct information when deciding whether or not to invest in a pair of these glasses.


Three Facts about Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Many people have reported that wearing these glasses reduces digital eye strain. The symptoms of this syndrome (blurry vision, tired and irritated eyes, and headaches) were greatly reduced, both while wearing the glasses alone and combining these glasses with other healthy-eye tactics recommended by optometrists.

Blue light blocking glasses can be worn during the day and at nighttime. They function equally well in all light levels.

These glasses may improve your quality of sleep. Blue light can reduce your body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep. Wearing these glasses for a few hours before bed can bring your melatonin levels back up, helping you achieve a healthy sleep cycle.

The Fiction about These Glasses

Sometimes the claim is made that more expensive anti-blue light glasses work better. This isn’t true. A pair of affordable glasses with the right technology can work just fine for blocking the blue light emitted by electronics.

In fact, after a certain point you aren’t really paying for the light blocking technology at all. Instead you’re paying for a brand name and the frames. You may find it worthwhile to wear at work a very stylish pair from a designer you like. However, this pair will not be any more effective than a mid-range option.

Another misconception that occasionally pops up is that the anti-blue light lenses only come on non-prescription glasses. People claim you’ll need to buy an oversized pair designed to fit over your regular frames.

This is also false. These products do exist, but the light blocking technology can also be added to regular prescription lenses. In fact, this is a popular option for people who have several pairs of glasses. They can invest in dedicated ‘computer time’ glasses, transitioning to other frames after work.

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