Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Today, individuals are spending more and more time staring at digital screens. From smartphones and laptops to televisions and tablets, the blue light emitted by these devices has become a constant presence in our lives. However, the constant exposure can raise concerns about potential eye strain and long-term damage. At Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA, we provide blue light blocking lenses to reduce eye strain and even help you sleep better. Before visiting us, learn more about these lenses below:

Blue light lenses

What are Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

These lenses are specially designed to filter out a portion of the blue light spectrum emitted by digital devices. Utilizing the lenses can also help alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain, such as blurry vision, dry eyes, and difficulty sleeping. In addition, they can reduce headaches and migraines that often occur due to excessive screen use.

Who Can Benefit from Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

Anyone who spends significant time in front of digital screens can potentially benefit from blue light blocking lenses. This includes students, professionals, gamers, and anyone who enjoys watching movies or shows on their devices. Along with that, people with existing eye conditions, such as dry eye or macular degeneration, may find these lenses particularly helpful.

Consulting an Optometrist

Before investing in blue light blocking lenses, it's important to consult with our optometrist. We can assess your individual needs and determine if these lenses are right for you. Our eye doctor can also recommend the best type of lens coating and frame for your specific needs.

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