Kids and Eyewear

Vision conditions are not uncommon in children, with many kids being nearsighted or having other vision issues. If your child has been diagnosed with a vision condition, they likely need to have children's eyewear to correct their vision. Glasses are a good choice for most kids, and they can be extremely effective at correcting vision. Special attention should be paid to the eyeglasses that are chosen for your child, with the child having input into the choice. Getting the right pair for your child may entail getting adjustments made to the frames, and it is important to pay attention to every detail of the frames. When your family needs eye exams from an optometrist, call us at our Bakersfield, CA, office to make your appointment. We at Innovative Eye Care are here to help.

Kids and Eyewear

The Comfort of the Frames

When you choose the eyeglasses frames for your child, you need to pay attention to the fit, but you also need to pay attention to the comfort of wearing them. Talk to your child about how comfortable they are, and check with your child after every adjustment is made to ensure their comfort. If your child’s glasses aren't comfortable, he might them off when you aren't looking such as during the school day. The frames should be comfortable for your child to wear so that your child will wear them every day. If they suddenly become uncomfortable, it is possible that he has outgrown the frames, and they should then be replaced. 

The Right Fit for Your Child's Frames

The fit of the frames is highly important to both the comfort and the effectiveness of the eyeglasses. Frames that are almost a good fit can often be adjusted so that they are a much better fit. Of course, adjusting them won't make the frames bigger or smaller, but they can be adjusted to make up for some sizing issues. When your child is wearing their glasses, the lenses shouldn't touch the eyelashes. When looking straight at your child, their eyes should be in the center of the lenses for the best effectiveness of the glasses. 

Get Eye Exams and Glasses

Getting your child the right glasses is important, and we want to help. When it's time for your family's eye exams, call us at our Bakersfield, CA, office to schedule an appointment with the optometrist. We at Innovative Eye Care are here to help. Call us at (661) 213-3310 for more information. 

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