Your Eyes on Computers

These days, it's common to have a job that requires you to spend a lot of hours with your eyes on a computer. When you do spend long hours in front of a computer, it's possible to develop a syndrome called computer vision. There are many factors that go into this eye problem. This combination of factors can create a lot of symptoms that can bother you. When you have some of the symptoms of this syndrome, regular exams may be able to help. When you need your exam from an optometrist, call us at our Bakersfield, CA, office, Innovative Eye Care. 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision Symptoms

When you spend much of your time in front of your computer, it can cause a lot of different symptoms with your eyes. When you have computer vision syndrome, you may find that your eyes turn red and may water. You may have stinging or burning in your eyes, or they may feel sore or irritated. It may often feel like there is something in your eyes even when there isn't. It's common to feel eye fatigue and eye strain after a lot of computer time. When you have this syndrome, you may get headaches.

Causes of Computer Vision

Computer vision syndrome is caused by the way your eyes work when you are in front of a computer screen. Reading printed text is far easier on the eyes than reading from a screen. When you read from a screen, you force your eyes to work harder. This is largely what leads to the eye fatigue that comes with a lot of computer time. It can also cause eye strain that comes from the eyes working so hard for so long. In addition, looking at a computer screen causes you to blink less often. This makes the eyes dry, and this can lead to the strain and irritation that so many people suffer from.

Get Your Eye Exams and Take Breaks

Eye exams are an important part of taking care of your vision health. A yearly exam can detect whether you have some eye problems that should be addressed. There are ways that you can help to relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome by taking regular breaks from the screen. When you do this every 20 minutes, it can help with the irritation and fatigue.

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