Pediatric Eye Exam FAQs

Whether you have a new baby or a child getting ready to start school, it's essential to ensure that their eyes are properly checked. Pediatric eye care is integral to a child's health and development. That's why our team at Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA, is here to assist in your child's eye care. Here are some common questions parents have about pediatric eye exams.


At What Age Should I Schedule an Eye Exam for My Child?

We help to conduct eye exams for children as early as six months to one year old. However, if your child shows signs of eye problems such as excess discharge or tearing, unequal reflexes, and eyes turning in, we can help examine them regardless of their age.

Why Should My Child Receive an Eye Exam?

Bringing your child to our clinic for regular exams is critical because it will be easier for us to spot any signs of eye illnesses and provide the most effective therapy before they worsen. Eye exams will also enable us to offer correction for your child's vision so that they can enjoy their adolescence.

How Often Should Children Receive Eye Examinations?

The American Optometric Associations recommends children to have eye exams after they attain six months, three years of age, and before their first grade. However, if your child has high risks of developing eye issues, they might need more frequent pediatric eye exams.

Is the Vision Screening at My Child's School Enough?

Most school vision screenings only determine general vision clarity. The examiners might not evaluate other visual aspects, including focusing skills, eye teaming, and ocular health. Therefore, you should bring your child to our clinic for a comprehensive eye exam from our optometrist.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy refers to an individualized and doctor-supervised program of exercises to strengthen eye functions. Our optometrist will provide this therapy to correct eye alignment problems, tracking, coordination, and focusing. We will administer the therapy by utilizing state-of-the-art tools such as specialized prisms or lenses.

What Is the Appropriate Age for a Child to Wear Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are some of the best devices for optimal vision and convenience, especially for children who tend to lose or break their glasses or are highly active. However, since they are medical devices, you should treat them with proper hygiene and care. In most cases, we can consider recommending contact lenses for your child after 12 years of age, depending on their maturity and eye health.

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