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The eyes are a crucial and susceptible organ of the body. However, various factors can prevent them from functioning optimally. Most people’s eye care practices are lacking, typically resulting in poor eyesight or blindness altogether. Routine comprehensive eye care for the whole family is essential for general wellbeing.

At Innovative Eye Care, Bakersfield, CA, we conduct comprehensive eye exams and correct any detected disorders to ensure our patients enjoy the best eyesight possible. Dr. Wilhelmsen, our optometrist, has lots of experience in thorough testing and diagnosis of common eye problems and effective treatment, including prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc.

We provide the most proper eyewear and eye care options in Bakersfield and the surrounding region. Contact us today for comprehensive eye exams, optimized vision, best ocular health, and improved quality of life.


How Often Should I See an Optometrist?

Routine eye checkups are vital, regardless of your physical health or age. Eye doctors recommend a yearly comprehensive checkup to evaluate your risk for possible vision-threatening conditions. The annual checkup also helps your optometrist discover any changes in your vision, providing ample time to rectify the disorder before permanent damage occurs.

Certain diseases directly impact current vision and eye health, so experts recommend more annual eye checkups for diabetes and high blood pressure patients. It’s suitable for people above 40 to have their eyes examined at least every two years to test for common age-related eye disorders, such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Since eyesight deteriorates with age, seniors over 60 should not miss their annual eye exams.

Research shows that up to 10% of pre-schoolers experience eye problems. According to an American Optometric Association (AOA) directive, all children should undergo a comprehensive eye examination for six months, three years, and before joining the school. Regular eye checkups should continue if your child doesn’t have underlying vision problems by the time they start school.

What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Include?

A complete eye exam includes several tests to determine eye health and vision quality. Standard eye tests include visual acuity, field, retinoscopy, refraction, and slit lamp tests. In addition, we can also perform retinal photo screenings and tonometry, depending on your needs. The test results help the doctor diagnose any disorders and determine each remedy.

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Our optometrist will provide exceptional eye care services to Bakersfield, CA. We also offer high-quality eyewear options. Contact Dr. Cheree Wilhelmsen, our optometrist, today at (661) 213-3310 and schedule an appointment for a complete eye exam and excellent eyeglasses for your family.

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