Contacts vs. Glasses

Wearing contact lenses or glasses can both be great ways to correct your vision and see your best. However, which one should you choose? A lot can go into the choice, and your lifestyle should be an important factor when you decide. Both contacts and glasses have their own pros and cons, so it's important to think about both when you make you your mind. Of course, some people get both so that they have a backup in case there is a problem with one of their vision correction methods. When you need your eye exams, call our office in Bakersfield, CA, to schedule your time with our optometrist. We at Innovative Eye Care are here to help.

Contacts vs. Glasses

Contact Lenses

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, they can come with a period when you get used to handling them. If you haven't worn them before, you need to build muscle memory so that you can take them out and put them in within efficiently. This comes to wearers of contacts with practice, and after that, it's easy to use them. They can be highly convenient to wear when you don't want to have to do anything to your vision correction method during the day. Once they're in first thing in the morning, you usually won't have to do anything to them at all until you're ready to take them out for the night. They are an easy solution to a vision problem, and they are great for patients who play sports or get other exercise.


If you prefer to wear glasses, you aren't alone. Wearing glasses is popular because they are also easy to wear, and they have a classic look. Many people pick them because they don't like the idea of handling contacts. Many also love the way glasses make them look. It's simple to take glasses off and put them on, and it doesn't require learning how to do it. Though they need frequent adjustments and cleaning, you can take them off anywhere and not need a solution to put them in. They are a convenient way to correct vision for many people. 

See Our Optometrist

If you need new glasses or contacts, you may need your regular eye exams every year. When it's time to see an optometrist, call our Bakersfield, CA, office at (661) 213-3310 to schedule your appointment for your eye exam and to get your glasses or contacts. We at Innovative Eye Care are here to help.

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