Floaters can be a nuisance. You try to move your eyes to get them out of your field of vision, but it's just not possible. And it could be signs of a serious issue that you need the assistance of an optometrist for. If you're seeing floaters, Innovative Eye Care, serving Bakersfield, CA, and the nearby regions can determine the cause and an appropriate course of action. 


General Information 

A floater is a spot, cobweb, line, or squiggle that floats in your field of vision. You may try to look at it directly, but it isn't possible. The floater will continuously move every time you move your eye. They're a more prevalent concern as you age because your eyes change. 


Inside your eye is a part known as the vitreous humor. This colorless, gel-like substance can be found in between your lens and retina. With age, it can start sticking together. When it does, it forms lines and other shapes, and they'll float in the gel. 

Sometimes, the direct cause of floaters is major. But, in some cases, it's minor. This eye problem could stem from any of the following:

  • Retinal tears
  • Retinal detachment
  • Eye inflammation
  • Vitreous detachment
  • Injury
  • Infection

Certain individuals are more prone to floaters than others, such as diabetics and those with severe nearsightedness. Those who had cataract surgery are also at an increased risk. 

Diagnosing Floaters 

We recommend telling our optometrist if you have floaters. While sometimes our practitioner can determine the cause by finding an eye problem during an exam, knowing any issues you're experiencing helps our optometrist better assess you.

Even if you don't mention floaters, our eye doctor will perform an eye exam. The eye exam will consist of both a vision screening and an eye health exam. During the eye health screening, our practitioner will look inside your eye for any signs of a problem.

Treating Floaters 

In cases where the floaters are mild, our practitioner will educate you on how to learn to cope with them. Eventually, you can train yourself to not be bothered by them in minor cases. If they're from an injury or infection, we'll treat the underlying problem. The most severe cases will require laser treatment or surgery.

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