Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact lenses are popular with many people who depend on them for corrective vision versus traditional eyeglasses, including here in Bakersfield, CA. The convenience is important for many people, and there is also the cosmetic benefit of having a more natural appearance. Chronic dry eyes, however, might prevent people from wearing contact lenses. The good news is that are contact lenses for those with dry eyes. We at Innovative Eye Care are here to help. 

contact lens for dry eyes

Contacts Causing Dry Eye Syndrome

Unfortunately, dry eye syndrome can be an unwanted side effect of wearing contacts. Normally, the eyes’ tears provide plenty of moisture and lubrication,. Being a mixture of water, natural oils, and mucous, the tear provides a combination of protection for the eye that keeps it wet, lubricated, and the mucous captures contaminants that can then be washed away by the eyelid movement. However, when this mixture is off, reduced, or otherwise disrupted, then dry eye syndrome can start causing problems. The symptoms become noticeable with irritation, itchiness, a feeling of grit in the eyes, redness, and swelling.

Contact lenses might cause your dry eyes by causing your tears to dry up too quickly or by reducing the quality of your tears. It can be important to determine if your dry eyes are caused by your contacts because otherwise changing your contacts might not help.

Contacts and Dry Eyes

If your dry eye is being caused by your contacts, we can help you to find contact lenses that will better avoid that problem. There are different options to choose from, including soft contact lenses, gas-permeable contact lenses, and more. Our eye doctor on our optometry team can guide you on which are the best ones to go for in your situation.

We can provide an eye exam to help determine the cause of your dry eyes, to make sure prescription is current, and we can even screen for dangerous eye diseases like glaucoma in the process. Once we know what is causing your dry eyes, and we have a current prescription, we can guide you on which contact lenses to get.

Get Contact Lenses from Our Optometrist on Our Optometry Team in Bakersfield, CA

We at Innovative Eye Care are available to help. We can help you find the right kind of contact lenses to accommodate your dry eyes. Call us to schedule an optometry appointment. You don't need to keep struggling alone with your contacts or not being able to wear them at all due to dry eye symptoms. Call us at (661) 213-3310 to get contact lenses from our optometrist for dry eyes.


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