Innovative Eye Care Can Treat Eye Flashes

Our eyesight is extremely important and something many of us take for granted. Many people sometimes experience eye flashes or what appear to be threads of light, especially in the corner of their eyes. There are several reasons why this may occur. An optometrist can provide an examination for someone experiencing this condition. Contact us at Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA for information regarding treating flashes as well as any other vision problems you may be experiencing.


What are Eye Flashes?

Eye flashes are specks or pin prints of light that cross your field of vision. People sometimes describe these as streaks of lightning or even shooting stars in their line of vision. These types of eye flashes are often accompanied with what are called floaters. Floaters are sometimes used as a broader term that describes specks or feathery images that cross someone's line of vision. Flashes and floaters can occur in both or just one eye.

Are Eye Flashes Serious?

Often, flashes are not related to a serious vision or health condition. An individual could be experiencing what is called "vitreous detachment." Vitreous detachment is a condition that affects many individuals after age 50 and it is usually harmless. Some cases of vitreous detachment, however, can lead to a tear or even a detachment from the retina. This is a situation that requires immediate medical treatment and can potentially threaten a person's vision. For this reason, it is important that if you're experiencing flashes or floaters to make an appointment with an optometrist and receive a thorough examination.

Why is an Eye Exam Necessary?

An optometrist can conduct an eye exam and make any necessary treatment recommendations for eye flashes. While evaluating this condition, a trained professional can dilate the eyes to see if there is a retinal tear or even a possible detachment. Most cases will go away on their own without treatment. But only an examination will reveal if the condition is serious or not. If left untreated, retinal tears can lead to permanent vision loss.

How Can an Optometrist Help?

Dr. Cheree Wilhelmsen and her staff can provide a variety of cutting-edge optometry treatment for you and your family. At Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, we offer eye exams, contacts, and pre and post-operative Lasik care. Glaucoma testing and emergency care are also provided at our Bakersfield location. We accept many types of insurance and offer several payment options. Forms can be completed online at your convenience before your first appointment. Contact us at Innovate Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA today to schedule an eye exam.

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