Common Eye Injuries

Every year, millions of people sustain eye injuries. Without treatment, eye injuries can cause serious problems, including permanent vision loss. If your eye has been injured, seek treatment from our optometry specialists at Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA.


Common Types of Eye Injuries

The eyes are sensitive and can be injured in a variety of ways. Learning more about these injuries can help you protect your eyes and prevent injuries in the future. Below, you'll find examples of some of the most common types of eye injuries.

Corneal abrasions

Your cornea is the transparent tissue that covers the front of your eye. Corneal abrasions occur when something scratches the cornea. Foreign objects, such as dirt or wood shavings, are common causes of corneal abrasions, but contact lenses can cause scratches as well. You may notice a visible scratch on your eye, and other symptoms include pain, redness, and excessive tearing.

Corneal foreign body

At times, foreign objects, such as pieces of glass or metal, can become stuck in the eye. Trying to remove the object on your own could cause additional injuries. If an object becomes stuck in your eye, visit an optometrist as soon as possible to have the object removed. Wearing protective goggles is the best way to prevent this type of injury.

Chemical burns

Some liquids and powders can cause serious burns when they come into contact with the eye. You can reduce the severity of a chemical burn by thoroughly rinsing your eye with water or saline. After your eye has been rinsed out, make an appointment with an eye doctor to have the injury evaluated.

Traumatic iritis

When the eye sustains trauma, your iris, which is the colored tissue in the center of the eye, can become inflamed, causing an eye injury known as traumatic iritis. This condition usually occurs after a blunt force injury, but may be caused by other injuries to the eye as well. It can lead to the development of glaucoma without treatment, so you should seek care for this injury right away.


The skin can be damaged by UV rays, and so can the eyes. Photokeratitis is essentially an eye sunburn and occurs when the corneal cells are exposed to sunlight without sunglasses or other forms of protection. Like a sunburn, it can cause severe pain and irritation. Symptoms usually appear within 6 to 12 hours of UV exposure.

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