Blue Light Lenses

It's common to spend many hours in front of screens today. However, it can have negative effects on the eyes. It's becoming far more normal to have watery eyes, eye irritation, and eye strain. All of these can be caused by blue light. It is helpful to get blue light lenses that specifically block this color of light. To get your own as well as to schedule your eye exams, call us Innovative Eye Care serving Bakersfield, CA, to see our optometrist. 

Blue Light Lenses

Natural Rhythms

The natural circadian rhythms are present in everyone. This is a cycle that lets you know when it's time to be asleep or awake. There are a lot of lifestyle factors that can affect this internal clock, and one of those is being in blue light. When you are exposed to blue light, your natural rhythms can be altered, and you could have trouble getting to sleep. Because screens on electronic devices emit blue light, a lot of screen time is associated with lots of blue light exposure. When people have insomnia, it can make them tired and frustrated. To keep blue light from ruining your sleep, you can wear blue light lenses. This is especially true at night.

Wearing Blue Light Glasses

When you have blue light lenses, they will filter the incoming light spectrum to keep blue light out. These lenses may be differently colored, so it can take a little time to become adjusted to them. After a little while, you can get used to the way things look when you wear them. Blue light coming into your eyes can also cause eye strain, and you can protect against it when you wear blue light lenses. To use them properly, they are generally worn in the evening for a few hours so that blue light won't change your circadian rhythms. 

What Is Blue Light?

This type of light produces plenty of energy. Most screens emit this type of light, but it can also come from other sources. If you are exposed blue light sources during the last part of the day, insomnia can result. Blue light can also contribute to dry eyes and eye irritation. 

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