Pediatric Eye Exam

Pediatric Eye Examinations

Pediatric eye examinations are critical for ensuring children's eye health and visual development. Early detection and treatment of eye conditions in childhood can prevent potential vision problems and support proper visual function as the child grows. Once your child needs an optometry exam and tests for pediatric diseases, call Innovative Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA, to schedule your pediatric eye exams.


Age-Appropriate Eye Exams

There are several parts to the average eye exam. Each exam caters to the age and needs of the patient. Smaller instruments are needed for pediatric eye exams. A special eye chart with pictures is often used for young children. These tests allow the child to give our eye doctor feedback.

Children are just getting used to getting their optometry exams, so we will make your child as comfortable as possible. We want every patient to have a good experience and be cared for in the most age-appropriate way.

Pediatric Diseases

Multiple eye diseases happen to people as they age, and there are common pediatric eye problems. They need several eye tests to screen them for color blindness and eye diseases like glaucoma, which can develop at any age. Children must also be tested for more common conditions, such as lazy eye.

For many eye problems, getting an early diagnosis is important, so the child can combat growing symptoms. For several eye problems, the earlier the patient receives treatment, the better the outcome.

Myopia Control

One way children can be treated for nearsightedness is to use myopia control methods during childhood. These methods can slow or stop progression, making the condition less severe. There are different types of myopia control for kids.

These include getting Ortho-k contact lenses and getting medicated atropine eye drops. Each of these treatments is effective in protecting a child's vision. In kids, myopia often gets bad quickly. With these methods, its progress will develop at a slower pace.

See Our Optometrist

Early detection and intervention in childhood eye conditions are crucial to optimal vision and visual development. Regular pediatric eye examinations are essential for setting a strong foundation for a child's visual health and academic success. If you have concerns about your child's eyes or vision, don't hesitate to schedule a comprehensive eye examination with a qualified eye care professional. Call Innovative Eye Care at (661) 213-3310 when your child needs an optometry exam. We're ready to serve your child for their best eye care in Bakersfield, CA. 

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